African Parks to translocate elephants to Kafue National Park

African Parks is to translocate between 500 and 1 000 elephants from Botswana to Zambia in a move that is expected to boost tourism in Kafue National Park by 2030.

According to a government official, the move will be facilitated by Britain’s Prince Harry, who was in Zambia holding a closed-door meeting with the President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu

Amos Chanda, the President’s spokesperson, told reporters that Prince Harry had offered to assist Zambia with the conservation of wildlife, particularly in Kafue National Park. He has offered to assist Zambia to acquire hundreds of elephants from Botswana to the Kafue National Park, under the auspices of African Parks – an organisation of which he is Chairperson. The President has given his full support to African Parks, who operate the Liuwa National Park.

African Parks manages national parks on behalf of governments to help protect animals targeted by poachers, including elephants and rhino.


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